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December 15, 2013


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Hey y'all!
So I decided to make something to acknowledge all my internet friends! Whether we've met or not, barely talked or talk a lot, I love you all! :heart:

I'm really grateful for each and every one for my internet friends, and believe it or not you guys make up a huge part of my life~! Thank you so much for all your support! :love:

So what I did is I went through my friends list on dA and wen't in alphabetical order through the usernames (since that's how it's displayed) and wrote a little something for each one! If you're not on this list then it doesn't mean I don't care about you, I literally just took everyone on my friends list that I don't know IRL. LEMME LUFF CHUUUUUUUUUUUU Nuu 

1. If you're mentioned in this, you have to do this with your friend list on dA (kinda like a tag, but if you really don't want to then that's okay.)
2. Post these rules in your entry.
3. Know that you are loved ~

So let's get started!


Your art is always so amazing, and you're such a sweet and kind person! Keep doing you, and I hope I can talk to and work with you more! :D

azumibird (WITHOUT A TRANSLATOR, sorry if this sounds like crap)
Mimi, siempre estás contenta y eres loca (pero es bien), y eres una artista con mucho talento. Eres muy simpatico y amigable, y te amo! :hug:

Though we haven't talked much, you're such a kind person, and I think it's awesome that you spontaneously draw other's OCs! (Totally not biased over here //shot) Keep up the awesome art! :)

Darkey, you've faced many troubles lately, but that's not stopping you from making other people smile through talking to them and your beautiful drawings. It's so incredible that you're amazingly kind to everyone! Receiving a message from you will always put a smile on my face! :heart:

SweetStarrySky (I would write this in Finnish but... I can't. //dies)
Sipa, the stories you've told me are amazing and inspiring, and I hope that you'll always keep a big smile on your face, bright enough so I can see it across the ocean! :D

I know you've heart me say this way to many times, but Shey is one of my all time favorite UTAUs (ranking third after Tei and Ritsu Kire!) and I hope to see more amazing works with her, and your amazing drawings! :happybounce: 

You're such a kind sweetheart with amazing talent! You have a huge heart, and I want to talk to you more often! Make sure you get on dA more! Nana, look what I have and you dont! 

Ivy, you're come such a long way with your art, and I'm so glad that I got the chance to talk with you! You've grown so much as an artist, and that's truly amazing. =P (Razz) 

I may not talk to you much, but just looking at your art skill and how friendly you are to everyone,and I'm so glad that I can include you in this! Heart 

Remember UTAU-ProjectElement? Just by working with you on that, I realized that you're such an accepting person, and I'm so glad to have met you! (and your five million UTAUs //shot) Wink/Razz 

Not only are you a great UTAU voicer, but you're a really awesome friend. I don't know how many times I can thank you for voicing Sora and helping me out with Daze's bank. Not only that, but you get Sora a pretty nice amount of popularity and I consider her to be your UTAU just as much as she's mine. You're always willing to help others, and that's what makes you so great! Love 

Ah, remember when we broke out into singing The Campfire Song Song and Anime Boston? Good times, goooood times. I'm so glad that we still keep in touch, and thank you so much for commenting and supporting me with all my art! I hope we can meet up at a convention next year! Huggle! 

Mizore, you're an amazing modeler even if the Sora model had slight... issues... //kicked (thanks so much though and thanks again for working on the update!) I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to voice Yaso and be the co-founder of your group! You're always so sweet and accepting of everyone! Clap 

Okay, where can I even start. Taylor, you're stories and art are so inspiring to me, and as you've probably heard, your art is truly stunning. You always help others, are grateful, and give everyone a fair chance. You're one of my closest friends ever, and I really hope things get better for you. Also, thank you so much for all the UTAU designs, especially for Sora and Yomi (who I really need to release goddamn it) since you really just had the voice and name as a basis. I honestly don't understand how one can have that many different ideas for designs, you're so damn creative! We really need to meat sometime in real life, so if you're ever in New England, make sure to tell me!:squee: Happy cry (Tears of joy) #1 w00t! Hug Love 

You're always so open to new ideas and so accepting of everyone! You can make anyone's day brighter by just replying back to them! :happybounce: 

I'm so happy I got to meet you at NYCC! Hopefully I'll see you next year, I'll be BMO, so I should be easy to spot! You were so amazingly accepting and hilarious (even if your wonderful ZILLYHOO was dying). Happy birthday too! Airborne 

Not only am I in love with Midori, but your art and personality are both awesome as well! Thanks a bunch for helping me with Daze's oto! You'rea very nice person to talk to! Huggle! 

You're such a sweet person! Your art is clean and elegant, and I'm love with Alicane and the rest of the Mangaloids! Keep up the good work and don't stop being awesome! :happybounce: 

You may be a bit crazy at times, but you always stand up for what you believe in and speak your mind, which I think is awesome! I know we've had our little squabbles in the past (gods I love that word), but you turned out to be an awesome person after all! You and your many OCs are all so amazing and one of a kind! Dance! 

First of all, you're one of few people who can make model edits of OCs on DT bases. *insert applause here* You also just happen to be super funny and nice! Handshake 

First, let me say thanks a bunch for spamming me with faves :3
Second, you never fail to make me smile, and you always have a positive attitude toward everyone! Your UTAUs are epic, and thank you for all the support! La la la la 

You're such a fun-loving girl and I love to talk to you! You always know how to make me laugh! Thanks for being such a great friend! Meow :3 

Rose, I'm so glad I met you at NYCC! You're so funny and I had a great time hanging out with you! Hopefully I'll see you next year! Giggle 

Ah, that crazy moment at Anime Boston when we realized HOLY SHIT I KNOW YOU! Nuu  Walking around with you was so much fun, and I hope we can meet up again next year! B-) (Cool) 

After talking with you lately, I've discovered that you're really nice and sweet! Your MMD renders are stunning, and I hope I can talk to you more! Hi! 


I love you all, and thanks for being the best internet friends I could ever ask for! I love you all!
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i would go ahead and do this like im supposed to but i have so many interweb friends =u=
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