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✖ about me ✖


VeRTiGo | 15 | ♌ | They / Them | ENFP

English | Español

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Hey there! the name's VeRTiGo! Call me Vert, Verti, asshole, etc.
I am a student, currently living in Connecticut, in tenth grade. My interests include cosplay, drawing, writing, architecture, animation, graphics, roleplay, music, and chemistry. I also love to figure skate, watch animes and listen to music, and pull shenanigans.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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:heart: Meet My UTAUs! :heart:

I have five UTAUloids!
Meet them here!

Fumetsune Sora

Wiki Page
ACT1 Download
Flags: g-6Y13F0H0BRE0B2C99b8

CVVC ACT2 Coming soon!

Art by rockleeofthesand, Voice by LaurenLCD!


ZIA's Wiki Page: N/A
ZIA's ACT1: Too poor quality to be released

DAZE's Wiki Page
DAZE's ACT1 Download (pass: vertiganutau)
Flags: g+_(2-4)Y5H0F0BRE0b8B5C70

ACT2 Banks for both of them coming soon!

Art by rockleeofthesand, voices by me.

Memaine Uzu

Wiki Page
ACT1 Download (pass: vertiganutau)
ACT2 Download (pass: vertiganutau)
VCV Download: In Beta!
Flags: Y100F0H0BRE0C66x50 (ACT1) g-8BRE10H10Y10 (ACT2) None (VCV)
Resamplers: Resampler (ACT1) tn_fnds (ACT2) Resampler (VCV)

Natural, Ancient, Mortal, Rebel, and Grace appends coming soon!

Art and Voice by me

Kyookinne Yomi

Yomi's Wiki Page: N/A
Yomi's ACT1: Coming Soon!

Art by rockleeofthesand


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✖ welcome! ✖

:heart: Welcome to my land of VeRTiGo! :heart:

Hullo there! Glad you're here!
I know my gallery's SUPER scattered with all the different mediums I do (it's not always easy being a jack of all trades!) but it would mean so much to me if you'd look around!

Also, if you like UTAU, I am currently an admin of four different groups! I'd love to have you join them!

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Uzu Chibi by Hue-Chan

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:heart: The Baes :heart:


My partners in crime and close friends!

And... Our UTAUs!

Fan Buttons by chibiveggie :heart:

✖ otherworlde! ✖


My character Orielle is part of this awesome RP group called OtherWorlde!

If you'd like to meet her in roleplay, you should totally apply! Applications are open till April 1st!

Find more information on the OtherWorlde group page!

Orielle's Current Application:

Awesome Art and Writing Featuring Orielle! (Thank You!!!)

Otherworlde: Orielle Chibi by thatpartwhereiart OW Babs by viralremix OW: LIN 101 - January AssignmentColouring flowers was not Lace's problem. Once he'd managed to find a flower on the wintry campus, changing the colour was not going to be hard. He knew the patters he needed to weave, so he could colour anything as long as he was able to access the threads. The difficulties began with colours which were not green, blue, black, white or shades of grey. But he surely could discover the other colour patterns. He was getting better at finding them.
Something else troubles the young weaver much more: socialization.
He of course agreed on the necessity of doing so, but it was still a complicated process and the main challenge of the current assignment.
The weaver watched his class mates gathering in two groups, so he approached his designated group partners. He did not know them yet, but apparently, non of them knew the others very well.
"Since we're all a team now, I suggest we should introduce ourself to each other", one of them announced cheerfully.
"I'm Orielle and a music witch. It's n
Doodle: OW Pokemon by thatpartwhereiart Other Worlde Intro by LukyAnC OW Assignment: SHD 103 - February Assignment"Valentines day huh? While I do so enjoy a holiday that supports my shameless flirting habits, I wish it wouldn't have an affect on the assignments we're given. I mean really? Creating a card and turning it into a shadow is one thing, but to make us go out of way and actually give it to someone as a form of romantic expression? That's absolutely absurd! Everyone else here may have their little crushes, but I on the other hand do not! As if any of these measly peons could ever hope to match up to my greatness; me, a man who's very being overflows with an outstanding radiance. A man who's face is the picture perfect example of true class, elegance, and charm. No man, nor creature that inhabits this lowly planet could ever stand as an equal by my side, therefore all who surround me are unworthy of having these devilish eyes cast their way. Slaves are slaves; nothing more nothing less. Should I ever give them the time of day and grace them with the gift that are these lips pressed a Otherworlde: CRS 102 February AssignmentLucy felt a little sick as she walked slowly out of her class. She had started the day cheerfully enough, humming and skipping a little as she had made her way to the Hexing building.  The last assignment had been great fun, even if the consequences had been a little awkward. In the end, everything had been cleared up, and Lace had seemed to thoroughly appreciate the scarf that she had made for him. With a smile on her face and her blonde hair glowing faintly, she had entered the room excitedly, ready for whatever challenge the class had to throw out her. Or so she thought.
It hadn’t occurred to the naïve witch that she might be required to hurt someone as part of an assignment. She had been ready for a physical or mental struggle, not an emotional one. Trudging through the snow that she had previously skipped lightly over, the girl took a deep breath and squeezed her pink eyes shut, shaking her head to clear her mind. She couldn’t let this get to her. Continuing
OW Bab: Vivi [Orielle x Caesar] by BlueBlueFox Otherworlde: Valentine's Gifts by thatpartwhereiart Valentine's at Otherworlde: An Assortment[It's Tradition / Dark Chocolate Key Lime]
*- Glitch & Kaine -*

They did this the last Valentine's day, too.
Somehow he wasn't too surprised to walk into the room he shared with Glitch, finding a bunch of sheets taped up to be stand-in screens, and a projector nearby. The smell of popcorn and burned plastic hit his nose, as he looked at the assortment of pillows that stood up like a mountain up against the wall. Blankets were tossed up over what looked like poles or stilts or something, creating a familiar blanket fort pressed against the wall of pillows.
A bright green head poked out from the blanket fort, lips spreading into a wide smile at the sight of Kaine in the doorway. "Finally! I thought class would never end!" he yelped, scrambling out of the blankets and throwing himself at his fiancé. It was a typical way of greeting by now, and Kaine immediately plucked Glitch from the jump, light as a feather as he was. Glitch laughed, wiggling, and stealing a kiss from K
OW | Re by KingHush OTHERWORLDE: March LIN 101 AssignmentIt was a particularly warm day on campus, unusual for the regularly cool weather school. Though the wind still bit at Lacie’s fingers, tinting them a faded red, the snow that fell was faint and the breeze not as harsh as usual. The warmer weather put Lacie in a good mood. In fact, she was feeling particularly mischievous. She had the urge to play around, but unfortunately no such opportunity had yet presented itself. Then again, if no one came to her, perhaps she could come to them. She had, after all, been assigned to prank several individuals.
Resting inconspicuously against a tree, and attempting to appear as normal as possible, Lacie surveyed the students that passed by, trying to decide which would have the best reaction but would not try to kill her after she had had her fun. For a moment Casper popped into her mind. His quivering was always hilarious, but she felt that she had probably tortured the pour soul enough already, what with forcing her lace embroidered clothes
::OTW:: PTS402 Geen cover up omg by lizziecat1279 Icon Batch by Riuori

All art belongs to their respective owners.


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